Golds Plumbing And Heating - Golds Plumbing & Heating Co are DECEPTIVE

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Golds Plumbing & Heating Co are cheats, lieing and deceptive. I own a plumbing supply company and this is one of my EX customers.

They run up a bill and have no intention of paying it. I have dealt with Nado Vidaich and Lois but I see some guy named Nevio Terdoslavich is the actual LMP. Who is this guy? You need to pay your bill!!!!!!

See you in court. Is my company the only one?

Or do you do this to everyone in the state of New York? It seems my other customers have more business acumen than you will ever have.

Golds Plumbing And Heating - Golds Plumbing & Heating Co Inc are the worst plumbers ever

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Stay away from this company. I hired this company and was assured the quality of work they do was exceptional.

They said they self certify their own work which means their work is of high standard and for Golds Plumbing & Heating Co Inc to be able to self certify, the Department of Building would be happy with their work. There pipes were not done to code and caused leaks and damage to the adjoining building. The building next to me complained and reported the work to the building department. I am now being SUED by the building next to me because of the faulty work of Golds Plumbing & Heating Co Inc.

Would I recommend this company?

Could you get better work done elsewhere? *** Ya

Review about: Pipe Leak.



They're not licensed the guy that covers them is this is illegal in nyc

Golds Plumbing And Heating - Fraudulent name used on Department of Building permit

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Update by user Apr 09, 2011

It is actually Golds Plumbing & Heating (not Golds Plumbing and Heating)

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2011

Gold's Plumbing and Heating were used as the general contractor Department of Building permit in NYC for my shop. I have never met or dealt with this company.

I lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they did not reply which resulted in a grading of "F". The name of the person connected with this company is Nado Vidaich and he is somehow related to the general contractor and plumber I hired.

Seems like something they have done in the past because they used the same process for another shop near me. The builder and plumber also used the name Gold's Plumbing and Heating on a shop near me.

Monetary Loss: $12.


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Seems like other people have concern dealing with this company

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